Backstory: My Time in Print

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IMG_4776IMG_4776One of my responsibilities as production manager was to look over the pages before they were driven to the printer (John Murray)

   Last year The Waterbury Observer celebrated their 25th year. I’ve been with the Connecticut based newspaper in some capacity for at least the last 23. Print media is in my blood and it’s because of my time with the paper.

   It all started when I walked into their office as a junior in high school. I started by answering the phone, typing press releases and writing a youth-centered column called Brass City Youth. My goal was to learn everything I could. By my senior year, I was the production manager, in charge of page design and layout of the then biweekly newspaper.

   Definitely not your average job for a 16/17-year-old, and I loved it. This was back when each page needed to be printed out and the ads, pictures, captions and more all had to be pasted on 11x17 sheets, compiled and then driven to a printer — I’ve cut my finger with an X-Acto knife more than I can count.

   I worked for the newspaper full time through my senior year, and for several years after graduating from high school before moving on to other things. I still continue my work with the paper — working with them twice a year in a smaller capacity. I have an amazing relationship with the publisher and his daughter, who are great friends and grateful to have them still in my life.

   Fishing through some old pictures reminded me of how cool it’s been to be part of The Observer for all these years, and the skills I still use because of my time there. How incredible the ride has been.

IMG_4767IMG_4767Once pages were laid out, the staff of the then bi-weekly newspaper would paste up ads, pictures and cutlines to the mechanicals before they were driven to the printer (John Murray)

IMG_4778IMG_4778I started working for the newspaper when I was just a junior in high school. I was full time when I reached my senior year and stayed on full time after graduating. I still work with the paper twice a year and have a great relationship with the publisher and his daughter (John Murray)


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