Douglass in Color

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FDFD2548-7E32-4938-9789-435F48395DC9FDFD2548-7E32-4938-9789-435F48395DC9 “The colors are a response to the environments they are placed in.” - Olivia Kim

The first thing I noticed when I started photographing Douglass throughout the city was that each statue had a slightly different color scheme. I loved how they all photographed differently. The statues really pop in the wild because of the slight variations. During a conversation with Olivia, she shared some insight to the color schemes of a few of the statues.

IMG_2318IMG_2318 “The younger looking Douglass is at the elementary school. By changing the color of the hair, and making his outer coat light and pants and vest relatively dark, the visual effect is of a younger slimmer Douglass”

8585018045821761441_IMG_31358585018045821761441_IMG_3135 “The Main St (aqueduct) Douglass has grey looking hair, light vest and pants with a relatively darker red coat. The effect of light clothing under dark makes Douglass look heavier and older.”

IMG_3815IMG_3815 “Sometimes just the surrounding colors of the environment effect the choice in colors. The high chroma blue coat of the Rochester Educational Opportunity Community center is to help Douglass stand out visually compared to the black and white colored building behind him.”



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